Anchor Brewing

When Anchor Brewing ushered in their brand to a new digital age, they did it without losing their sense of beginnings. This warm and welcoming web design concept gives credit where credit is due: to long-standing craftsmanship.


With a brand so rich in history and craft, the website had to reflect Anchor Brewing's deep rooted values. This design theme uses vintage colors and rich photography to tell an in-depth story that is masculine and earnest. 


The site's beer landing page navigates with a lineup of beer bottles. Iconic label art lends an illustrative texture to the background - a detail carried over from the brewery's long relationship with the artist. Large serif descriptions spotlight each beer's tasting notes.



agency: fine
creative director: kenn fine
design collaboration: arune suvanvej, david handlong


Davey Award: Gold
W3 AWARD: Gold
WebAward: Outstanding Achievement
Communicator Award: Excellence
Communication Arts: Site of the Week