Allison Henry

Vitamin Angels (old)


Vitamin Angels

Art direction, visual identity, web design, and ongoing brand materials for a non-profit that delivers vitamins to children around the world.


A website redesign features chunky display fonts combined with slab-serif support type. Globally-inspired colors are kept bright and warm against saturated and sometimes dark photography.


Art direction for Vitamin Angels photography focuses on real moments, gritty truth, and unposed candids. Snapshots are kept light-hearted in an effort to stand out from similar non-profits who rely on a more dismal depiction.



Over our 9 year relationship, Vitamin Angels saw an increase from 7 to 48 million children reached across the globe. Branding efforts attracted major sponsorships like Vitamin Water, Bayer, Whole Foods, Toys "R" Us and Walgreens.



agency: breedlove creative
creative director: kevin breedlove
design support: nate moore